About GO2CUP

It All Started With A Simple Idea…

What if instead of sending countless single-use cups to landfill every day, we made reusable cups easier?

GO2CUP have been operating a service to deliver, collect, and wash reusable cups at coffee shops and events all throughout Perth. Having prevented thousands of single-use cups from going to landfill we thought, what if everyone was making reusable cups available?

Now businesses can sign up to join GO2CUP to make a reusable alternative available. The community gets a better cup and the ability to travel with their GO2CUP, returning it to any of the participating coffee shops. Each GO2CUP that returns to a participating coffee shop contributes to removing waste from our oceans and making a reusable option available to the next person who forgets their reusable cup.

GO2CUP has a vision for locally valued, reusable cups that make it easy for us all to reduce our impact.

Meet Daniel: The Founder of GO2CUP

Having worked on the front line of Western Australia’s resource industry as a mining engineer, Daniel has an appreciation for the need to use our resources mindfully as well as in unity with the environment in which we extract them from.

Utilising both a degree in engineering as well as an MBA specialising in environmental sustainability, Daniel contributes to his vision of the future where reuse and renewable are integrated as a priority towards the way we use our resources on this one precious planet.

Daniel has a vision that Australia can move away from being one of the biggest waste per capita producers in the world led by a resource industry, towards being a sustainable country led by innovation.