For Business Owners

GO2CUP For Business Owners

We connect you to your customers by making reusable easier

Join our community of local businesses who are leading the way with a reusable alternative.

Connect To Your Customers

Receive an avenue to connect and communicate to your customers.

Save Money On Single-Use Cups

Regular customers returning with reusable cups leads to significant savings on purchasing single-use cups.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Keep your customers coming back time and time again and work with your community to make reusable easier.

How It Works

  1. Get in touch and join the GO2CUP network.
  2. GO2CUP will provide reusable cups to your business to be made available to your customers as an alternative to single-use takeaway cups.
  3. Customers who choose the GO2CUP will either return the cup to your business so it can be washed and made available to other customers OR they may return the cup at any of our ever-growing convenient GO2CUP collection points.
  4. You will have your cups topped up regularly to balance out the cups that are not returned directly to you.
  5. Customers are rewarded for returning their cups with either discounts and savings OR the option of having a donation made on their behalf to assist with ocean clean ups and waste education initiatives.

5 Key Benefits Of Becoming Involved With GO2CUP

There are many reasons why you should consider becoming part of the GO2CUP network. It’s not just about saving the planet… It also makes a lot of sense financially!

1 Reduce The HUGE Waste Created By Single Use Cups!

You know better than anyone just how many take-away cups are purchased each week. The vast majority of them end up in land-fill after just ONE use. It doesn’t make sense! There are enormous environmental benefits by offering an alternative to single-use cups in your business.

2 Gain A Loyal Following Of Passionate Customers

There is an increasing proportion of the population who actively want to do the right thing when it comes to being environmentally responsible. These people will always choose a GO2CUP cafe over alternatives. They are passionate, loyal and will refer other like-minded people to a business that is proudly doing something to combat the ‘throw-away’ society we live in. These people will be drawn to your business, and you’ll also tap into our network of GO2CUP members who actively support this initiative (Heaps of potential new clients!).

3 Encourage Customer Loyalty & Repeat Business

The nature of GO2CUP is that it is a cup that needs to be returned. This gives people a reason to return to you business! And as you know – a lot of people drink more than one coffee each day, so you’ll likely see a cup returned followed by an additional purchase. We also have loyalty programs and support initiatives to encourage repeat business among GO2CUP users.

4 Saves You Big Money On Single-Use Cups

One of the biggest gripes we hear from cafe owners is how much money they have to spend on cups. It’ might only be 20c – 30c  per cup, but if you are using 1000 take-away cups a week that’s up to $300 a week! What if 50% of your take-away customers opted to use a GO2CUP instead? That would cut your takeaway cup expense in half, saving you over $7,000 a year! The financial savings alone make GO2CUP a no-brainer decision, even if there were no environmental or improved customers loyalty benefits.

5 Super Easy To Implement & Promote

Our goal is to make reusable an easy choice for consumers! To do this we want to make your job as a business owners as easy as possible to provide this service. We provide you with the cups, the posters, promotional material, social media and email marketing tools and all the education, training and support you need. GO2CUP are your partners to grow your business, while tackling a  major environmental issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do customers return the reusable items to my business?

This is up to you. We can provide collection bins or marked storage tubs, or the customers can just hand the used item over the counter to be placed straight into your dishwasher.

Can I write on the GO2CUPs?

You can write on the GO2CUPs with a chalk marker. This can be easily wiped off prior to the washing process.

Do I have to give a discount or reward for people returning cups?

No, you can place whatever value for returning the nominated reusable items you wish and the customer will decide their preferred deposit point.

Can I refuse items?

Yes, it is completely up to you and your staff what reusable items you accept. If an item is too dirty or damaged, then you do not have to accept it. GO2CUP will accept damaged reusable cups, we have a use for them before they get sent to recycling.

How do I know the cups are safe?

As a food business it is your responsibility to deliver your products to your customers in a safely. You determine which reusable items you want to accept, how you store those items, and how you deliver those items.

How much room do all these reusable items take up?

The GO2CUPs and lids are both stackable. They do take up more room than single-use cups but they also have way less impact. We recommend getting a storage tub to store your clean cups.

These reusable items are light and bounce around my commercial dishwasher, how do I stop this?

By placing another dishwashing rack above the reusable item you will be able to hold it in place while it is washed.

I’m a takeaway only business, i.e. I do not have access to a washing facility. Can I still participate?

Yes, however as GO2CUP will need to collect and wash the cups, we can only offer this service in close proximity to our washing facility which is any inner city Perth suburb. Alternatively, why not ask a surrounding business if they have an underutilised commercial dishwasher? They might also like to participate in the GO2CUP network.

Find Out More & Get Involved

If you are interested in becoming part of the GO2CUP network please fill in the form below and we will be in touch to discuss the next steps and what’s involved.