For Events

GO2CUP For Events

Have a reusable alternative at your next event.

Join your community in making reusable the norm at your next event.

Reduce The Waste Produced

All reusable items are collected and washed, ready to use at the next event.


Reduce Waste Removal Costs

The price to collect reusable items and remove from your event is included in the service price.

Minimise Your Carbon Footprint

Instead of imported single-use items being used once and then sent to landfill, choose a local, reusable alternative.

How GO2CUP Works For Events

  1. Reusable cups and plates are delivered to your event.
  2. Convenient collection bins are placed around the event.
  3. The event goers deposit reusable items in the collection bins.
  4. At the end of the event, reusable items are collected and washed.

What’s Available?

    • 12oz
    • 16oz
  • Clear beer/juice/water cups
    • Middy
    • Schooner
    • Pint
  • Plates
    • Small
    • Large

Frequently Asked Questions

Who pays to have GO2CUPs at events?

In most cases the event organiser pays the cost to have reusable items delivered, collected, and washed. However, we have had the cost be split between attending business vendors and event organisers as well as shared between local or regional government too. This service is all about finding a way to make local, reusable items available at the events that bring the community together.

Doesn’t other waste end up in the GO2CUP Collection Bins?

The best place for GO2CUP Collection Bins is between a landfill and recycling bins, all with clear signage. At the end of the event GO2CUP will remove any contaminants and sterilize the cups. Better yet, why not have a waste free event and don’t offer products that have a waste component? You can always contact Kooda for food waste collection and GO2CUP can collect the reusable items to be washed and used again.

What sized events are you capable of providing this service?

We currently have the capacity to do up to 2000 reusable items at any one event.

What reusable items do you have for events?

We have GO2CUPs, beer glasses of various sizes, and plates of various sizes.

Will other style items such as food containers and cutlery be available in the future?

Yes, we will be looking to acquire alternative food containers and cutlery in the future.

Get A Quote For Your Event

If you are interested in reducing waste and having GO2CUPs at your next event please fill in the form and we will be in touch with costings and more information.